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Bigcutie cherries before after by q ker-d3exx2a.jpg
Cherries, also known as Cherriesthegainer, is a pseudonymous web model who, prior to her involvement in paid modelling, successfully strove to increase her weight to 200 pounds. By 2013, more than 97,000 users had viewed the DeviantART account of her weight gain and more than 900 had signed up as watchers. (more...)

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Benjamin D. Maxham - Henry David Thoreau - Restored.jpg
"I wish my countrymen to consider, that whatever the human law may be, neither an individual nor a nation can ever commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual, without having to pay the penalty for it." — Henry David Thoreau .

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Modern marriage disfavors men by Nathan Larson
People say sometimes, "The changes that have been made to the institution of marriage, to allow spouses to leave the relationship whenever they want without major consequences, don't disfavor men. Men as well as women are given the same freedom."

That would be like if we said, "It doesn't disfavor women to say that a spouse has (1) the right to have their spouse fetch beer on demand during the football game, but (2) no right to expect their spouse to wait on them at the department store while they're trying on clothes. Women as well as men are given an equal right to have beer fetched for them during the football game, and women as well as men are given the right to be free from waiting on their spouse at the department store."

It's obviously going to be predominantly men who want a beer fetched for them during the football game, and to not have to wait for their spouse at the department store, so this set of expectations would tend to work to men's advantage and to women's disadvantage.

Similarly, it seems to me that it works to women's advantage, at the expense of men, to say "Spouses can leave the relationship whenever they want without major consequences" because it's usually going to be women who want to leave. Women will still usually have the security of knowing their husband will be there as long as they want him, while men won't have the security of knowing their wife will stay with them.

It's a complicated subject that can be analyzed a lot further, but the way marriage is set up now in the U.S., without a lot of cultural norms reinforcing an expectation of permanence, doesn't seem to be serving marriage's former goal of promoting a stable long-term partnership that both people could feel relatively safe investing in, and that outsiders would respect as a meaningful commitment.

It now seems to mainly serve the purpose of limiting how many freebies (extend by companies and the government) people can hand out to people they know. E.g., you can only extend your companies' insurance benefits to one person (your spouse); you can only help one person immigrate to the U.S. (your fiancee or spouse). When polygamy gets introduced to the system, then even that goal will be defeated, and marriage will become almost completely pointless unless the other traditional meaning of marriage (i.e. a permanent union) gets re-introduced. (more...)

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Informational interviews by Leucosticte
In 2007, Nathan Larson conducted informational interviews with a software engineer, a forensic accountant, a software quality assurance manager, a CIA anti-bioterrorism budget officer, an Assistant Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry, and a business valuation expert. (more...)

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