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New York 2008 is a futuristic BBS door game by Franz. He began writing it in February 1995, and released the BETA 1 version on 17 March 1995. It was originally intended as a small freeware game, but Franz made it shareware (crippleware, specifically) when he saw it was "gonna be too much work to make it freeware". On 22 April 1997, he stated "Tired of not getting regs. THE GAME IS FREE" followed by a few dozen exclamation points. He also announced the end of ny2008 development, and promised to make source code available. (more...)

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Benjamin D. Maxham - Henry David Thoreau - Restored.jpg
"I wish my countrymen to consider, that whatever the human law may be, neither an individual nor a nation can ever commit the least act of injustice against the obscurest individual, without having to pay the penalty for it." — Henry David Thoreau .

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Informational interviews by Leucosticte
In 2007, Nathan Larson conducted informational interviews with a software engineer, a forensic accountant, a software quality assurance manager, a CIA anti-bioterrorism budget officer, an Assistant Professor of Physiology in Psychiatry, and a business valuation expert. (more...)

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